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Business and deontology

Business and deontology Part 2 - Case StudyEthical problem I have confronted in a business situationDuring my attachment in a prominent auditing firm, I was confronted with a ethical dilemma that challenged my professionalism and business ethics. Our firm was tasked with conducting an audit into the controversial sale of a government owned luxury hotel to private investors. Controversy arose when it was discovered that even though the hotel as a government asset was to be sold through a bidding process to the highest bidder, due process was not followed. Higher bidders were ignored and the sale settled with a private company that had made a lower bid. News surrounding the controversial sale had already spilled to the media. The Ministry of Finance was supposed to handle the hotel transfer, a move aimed at improving performance and generating finances for the government. In spite of the controversy surrounding the sale, the minister for finance insisted that the transfer was transparent and publicly invited auditors to examine all the documents.English: Immanuel Kant Tomb in Koenigsberg Ð  Ã'Æ'Ã' Ã¯ ¿ ½...The matter had generated a lot of debate, both in the public arena and the legislative quarters.Due to the work load of the whole process and the short deadlines that we had been given, I was actively involved in the whole auditing process, even in my capacity as a student in attachment. The information we collected and the background search we did about the concerned company, which had allegedly bought the hotel revealed surprising details. The buyer that existed on the papers was not registered in any country and no tax returns from the said company had ever been filed. Even after contacting the registrar of companies from which the company was allegedly registered, he was not aware of its existence and hence the company was untraceable. On the other hand,

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Health promotion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Health promotion - Assignment Example These expansive effects of poor and unhygienic conditions in which the homeless live have continually emphasized to health professionals such as the advanced practice nurse the essentiality of embracing a managerial or a leadership role in advocating for and addressing the health needs of the homeless. Consequently, there is a need to strategize through various health programs that would help maintain the health of the homeless (National Institute of Health, 1997). For instance, affordable and clean housing could effectively alleviate the health-related suffering of the homeless. There are several definitions of homelessness that health providers should be acquainted with so that they effectively address the many health challenges faced by the homeless. For instance, homelessness could be defined as a state in which an individual sleeps or lives outside using public or private shelters. This type of homelessness, referred to as absolute homelessness, is quite unlike concealed homeles sness in which a person provisionally lodges with friends, families, or relatives. However, the common characteristics of the homeless include the risks their struggles to meet basic human needs such as housing and food during which they encounter problems related to service suitability, affordability, cleanliness, and adequacy. This paper explores the health issues faced by the homeless, discussing specific types of health issues encountered, the best possible interventions and strategies, and the possible role of advanced practice nurse in such situations. Health Issues for the Homeless Scores of literatures highlight the health issues faced by the homeless. Generally, there is an increased rate of infectious and chronic medical conditions such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, community-acquired pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, and chronic obstructive lung disease among the homeless. Prevalence rates for cancers are also higher in the homeless compared to the general population due to several risk factors such as cigarette smoking, alcoholism, and sun exposure. In fact, about 40% of homeless people reportedly have one type of chronic health problem or the other (Schanzer et al., 2007). Another 10% to 13% are reported to have psychotic disorders while between 20% and 40% are reported to have affective disorders (Schanzer et al., 2007). It has also been reported that about 20% to 30% of all adult emergency department visits are made by the homeless while homeless patients are reportedly being admitted five times more often and have longer stays at health facilities than the general population have (Schanzer et al., 2007). There is a rather direct correlation between homelessness and the accessibility and affordability of health services. What is more, the homeless are often found to be at a higher risk of contracting chronic and fatal conditions such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer, and pneumonia among other such conditions. Nursing, nursing students, and other health providers have consequently been called upon every other time to initiate and implement programs and strategies by which the health issues facing the homeless could be addressed. Hence, nursing and nurses have quite crucial a role and responsibility in alleviating the suffering of the homeless with regards to health care inequalities and deprivation (Culhane et al., 2001). However, nursing and the provision of

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The effects of aquaculture on bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops sp.) Essay

The effects of aquaculture on bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops sp.) ranging in Shark Bay, Western Australia - Essay Example of such a large number of single species, the interruption of the food chain, the activity of humans and the interference with migration patterns and appropriate safe places in which dolphins have traditionally hidden from predators, there have not been many studies conducted regarding the exact effect these types of farms have on local dolphin populations. The study looked at the activities of 11 female dolphins that have been subjects of studies since 1988. Because the areas of the oyster farm moved periodically throughout the study, researchers were able to compare dolphin activities at each stage of operation. The study was conducted by approaching dolphins as they were seen from a small boat and determining individuals by their dorsal fins. At the same time, the location of the boat was recorded by taking bearings on GPS devices or landmarks. These location points were then charted and compared to the oyster farm areas. The dolphins studied did show a significant decrease in usage of the areas used by the oyster farm, preferring to operate around the farm rather than in it or through it. The impact of this is decreased foraging sites for female dolphins, resulting in decreased eating, reproductive success and disruption in established social

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Discuss how Stevenson presents duality in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Essay Example for Free

Discuss how Stevenson presents duality in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Essay In this essay I will show how Robert Louis Stevenson has presented duality in his novella Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The novella is about a respectable gentleman, Dr Jekyll, and how, under the pressure of high society in Victorian England, experiments with potions to eventually come up with one that would turn him into Mr Hyde, a disreputable and evil man. Written in 1886, the novella was based around the pressure to be respectable that Robert Louis Stevenson himself felt in high society of the Victorian era. It was also influenced by scandals of the time such as Deacon Brodie. Brodie, who suffered from gambling debts, was a cabinet maker for people in the higher class. To try and pay off his debts he would break into the cabinets that he had sold and steal the valuables inside. This fits into the story of Jekyll and Hyde since Jekyll is a nice, respectable gentleman who turns into an evil, lower class man, Hyde. There was also a growing awareness of chemistry and psychology at the time the novella was written. Sigmund Freud, a famous chemist and psychologist, convinced people that duality did exist in humans that in one person there could be both good and evil, such as in Jekyll and Hyde, who were the same person, with the help of a potion, but Jekyll was good and Hyde evil. Since the novella was written in 1886 it was targeted at Victorian people. When it was first published it sold around 40,000 copies, mainly to the higher classes of Victorian England. They would have seen it as a twist on a horror book. The Victorians were into gothic books, except that they were always set in foreign countries and in the past. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde differs to these stories since it was set in London and in the then present day. In 1888, Jack the Ripper surfaced in the newspapers. This would not only have boosted the sales of Stevensons novella but would have been connected to it. Both the former and the latter ideas are because of the rumour that went around England at the time that Jack the Ripper was someone of upper class and respectable by day but commit atrocious murders by night, like the duality of Jekyll and Hyde. Duality appears throughout the novella, including the characters. Mr Utterson is a lawyer and good friend of Henry Jekyll. of a rugged countenance, that was never lighted by a smile; cold, scanty This description of Mr Utterson, from the first page, portrays him to be a grumpy man, with sharp features on his face, who doesnt get on with anybody and who would drink on his own. However: somehow loveable. This quote, again from the first page, shows the duality of the book since Utterson is described to be miserable and yet everybody loves him. This is enforced by the adjective lovable since this word implies that he is pretty easy to get on with and he isnt just liked by those who know and get on with him, instead he is loved. The quotes convey that no matter what someones demeanour they can still be kind and popular. This introduces the theme of duality for the reasons said above. I let my brother go to the devil in his own way. Being a lawyer, Mr Utterson is supposed to help others in any way he can, however, this metaphor is telling the reader that no matter how much he could do for someone, Utterson doesnt really care about them. This portrays Robert Louis Stevensons idea of duality. least save his creditI shall be back before midnight, when we shall send for the police. This quote shows duality since Utterson himself said that he would let his brother go to the devil in his own way, yet here he is trying to save the reputation of one of his very good friends, Jekyll. To do this though, the good, honourable, respectable, law abiding lawyer does not send for the police as soon as he and Poole, Dr Jekylls butler, discover the dead body of a certain Mr Edward Hyde lying on Jekylls cabinet floor. Instead, he goes home for two hours to read the letters that both Dr Lanyon, another good friend of both Utterson and Jekyll, and Jekyll left for him to read on the disappearance or death of Henry Jekyll. It also shows duality in that Utterson is a lawyer, who should go to the police but doesnt. in case of disappearanceread the name Gabriel John Utterson. This quote shows duality because as Utterson finds, and reads, Jekylls Last Will and Testament, Utterson, to his own amazement, reads his name instead of Hydes. This shows duality since Utterson is down as the last good friend of Dr Henry Jekyll, who would become disreputable and a big scandal if any one were to find out what he did. Dr Lanyon is another character in the novella, and a good friend of Jekyll and Utterson. This was a hearty, healthy, dapper, red faced gentleman with a shock of hair prematurely white. This quote portrays Lanyon to be a friendly, upper class gentleman who has plenty to drink. However, later on in the novella, Stevenson describes Lanyon: The rosy man had grown pale; his flesh had fallen away; he was visibly balder and older This quote and the latter, reveals the duality between them since in the first quote he is described as being healthy and in the second as being on his death bed. The reader would want to know what has happened in such a short time to make this change in Lanyon appear so suddenly because he saw Hyde mix the potion, take a drink, and turn to Jekyll in front of his very own eyes all of which is revealed in the second to last chapter Dr Lanyons Narrative. To get the potions to Hyde however, Jekyll had to get Lanyon to steal for him. The very idea of Jekyll wanting another respectable gentleman breaking in and stealing the potions for him and Hyde would have been a very big scandal if Lanyon was caught, and Lanyon would go from respectable gentleman to disrespectable in a few hours. Stevensons novella is all about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. the doctor gave one of his pleasant dinners This shows how Jekyll is popular among the upper class, among his friends, and rich enough to hold dinners. The adverb pleasant conveys to the audience that everyone Jekyll invited got on with each other and it reinforces the idea that Jekyll is rich since he can hold dinners and provide nice food. sat Dr Jekyll, looking deadly sick. This quote describes Jekyll sitting in his large cabinet room, after the death of sir Danvers Carew. It reveals how Jekyll is feeling remorse for knowing, or as the reader later finds out, for being Mr Hyde who was identified as the murderer of Carew. It portrays how Jekyll regrets his actions and wishes, to get away from the pressures of high society life in Victorian England. 8th of January Utterson had dined at the doctorsOn the 12th, and again on the 14th, the door was shut against the lawyer. This reference conveys to the audience the duality in the novella, since four days after Utterson had seen Jekyll, and dined with him and Dr Lanyon, he was being denied entry to Jekylls house. This shows the duality since Jekyll was so ill that he couldnt stand up to greet Utterson when Utterson went to see him, before being fine and healthy enough to hold a dinner party and then not allowing anyone into his house to see him all of a sudden without anybody knowing why. born in 18__ to a large fortune This quote portrays how Henry Jekyll recognises how he was born into a rich family. The adjectives large and fortune suggests he was born into a highly respected family, something that was of high importance in Victorian England. It shows how he didnt have to work hard for the position in society that he was in, only keep up his appearances with others of his class. worst of my faults was a certain gaiety of disposition, such as made the happiness of many This reference shows that Jekyll felt money wasnt everything. He felt that where it made most men content, it didnt make him happy. It conveys to the reader how he wants to be happy, although where he is in life and society wasnt making his wishes come true. We learn later in the novella how this wish brings him to start mixing formulas that would eventually turn him into Mr Hyde. found it hard to reconcile with my imperious desire to carry my head high The quote above portrays how, although Jekyll wants to be happy, he believes the only way would be one that was irreputable. However, he does not wish to lose his place in the upper class of society and he does not wish to lose his friends, both of which would happen if he did what he desired to do to become happier. This therefore is what led Jekyll to create the potion, as well as the written version of events, for Utterson to read, in Henry Jekylls full statement of the case where Dr Jekyll writes his version, and the truth of what happened in the last months of his life. Hence it came about that I concealed my pleasures This reveals how Jekyll had been hiding secrets since before creating the mixture that would turn him to Hyde, hiding what it was that was making him happy. The verb concealed tells the reader that Jekyll was being very careful about his pleasures. It conveys the importance of nobody finding out about Jekylls secret more than if Stevenson had written the verb hid instead. already committed to a profound duplicity of life. This conveys one of the themes in the novella, the theme of duplicity, and how it is not only in the settings and the characters but that the characters knew about it. We know this because of the adjective duplicity portraying to the reader how Jekyll has two lives, however different they are. morbid sense of shame. This quote reveals how although Jekyll wanted to be happy, he is ashamed of how his life has turned out. The alliteration of the s sound in sense and shame enforces the idea, in the readers mind, that he is ashamed of being Mr Hyde, of what he has done and is still doing as Mr Hyde and that both of these irreputable things are making him happy. not truly one, but truly two. This does not reveal duality within the story, rather in the themes of the novella. It indicates the views of Dr Jekyll that in one man, there is both good and evil, one of the themes. Jekyll describes how good and evil are different parts of the soul, and that good conquers evil in a raging war within the soul, and that is what makes a man good. flushed as I was with hope and triumph, to venture in my new shape As this quote conveys, Stevenson has written about how someone can be addicted to drugs. It shows that even someone of high stature can become addicted, in this case Dr Jekyll. Jekyll is addicted to how he can do what he wants as Mr Hyde, without losing any of his own stature, rather than do the respectable things he would have to do as himself to be happy. It reveals duality in the fact that a respectable gentleman such as Jekyll can be addicted to the painful pangs and nausea the mixture makes him feel, whilst turning into Hyde. Edward Hyde is often portrayed animal-like. like a monkey jumped up from among the chemicals. This quote makes the reader imagine a monkey like creature jumping up upon hearing Poole, Jekylls butler, coming towards Jekylls cabinet. It creates the picture of Hyde being small, dumpy, and hairy and as having very long arms, whilst showing duality since Hyde is a man not a monkey. The other snarled aloud into a savage laugh In this quote the adjective snarled gives the image of Hyde as a savage beast, again being portrayed as some sort of animal. It also conveys how Hyde is an evil person, since someone who is portrayed as being a savage cannot be any good, and this would have been the view of people in Victorian England. Stevenson has used language to paint a picture of what Hyde might look like in the readers mind. so ugly that it brought out the sweat on me like running. This reference, again, allows the reader to imagine what Hyde looks like. It conveys how the other characters react to Hyde, that they all feel an air of deformity whenever they see him or speak to him, and that he looks so ugly, so mean that they feel uneasy around him. All of the latter three quotes show duality since Hyde is portrayed as being a small and ugly man with the impression of being deformed somewhere on his body. He is also conveyed as a mean, evil person via the descriptive language used by Stevenson. This is in contrast to Jekyll, since Jekyll is a respected gentleman and doctor of chemistry, who is regularly invited to dinner parties hosted by other well respected people in society. He is also taller, thinner and older than Hyde. All of the characters who meet Hyde in the novella seem to act in the same way towards him. This conveys to the reader just how unlikeable Hyde is. This is important to the story because it shows how everybody thinks him an evil man. It helps show the duality between Jekyll and Hyde. However, it isnt just the characters that show duality within Stevensons Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It is also revealed in the settings the weather and the buildings and also in the narrative structure. The doorneither bell nor knocker, was blistered and distained. Tramps slouched This quote portrays the quality of the door that Hyde uses to enter Dr Jekylls house and grounds. This is in contrast to the front of Jekylls house: which wore a great air of wealth and comfort This portrays an image of what Jekylls house looks like from the front a grand house whose owner is wealthy and of a high social class. The latter quote also shows duality with Hydes house in Soho. showed him a dingy street This quote portrays what kind of area Hydes house is in. In the Victorian era, Soho was poverty stricken and full of prostitution, although there is no indication that Hyde was into prostitution and gambling (other than Jekyll turning into Hyde because doing respectable things did not make him happy). It shows the difference between Jekylls big, respectable house in a respectable of London and Hydes dingy flat on a polluted street in the centre of London. An ivory faced and silvery haired woman This quote describes the Soho house landlady (or Hydes landlady). When the reader reads this they presume she is a nice friendly woman. However: She had a smooth face, smoothed by hypocracy shows duality in contrast with the quote before. It shows how a nice old lady may look nice but in fact can be evil, someone who doesnt like herself. I say evil because later in the chapter The Carew Murder Case she is excited and delighted by the idea of Hyde being in trouble with the police. Hydes house in Soho is, to Uttersons surprise, well furnished. furnished with luxury and good taste This conveys duality with how the house looks on the outside. With Soho being a dodgy area in Victorian England, and the street being described as dingy, the reader first imagines a poor, poverty filled room, not a luxury, well furnished house. London is also shown in a dual nature. down a by street in a busy quarter of London. The street was small and what is called quiet. This quote shows duality in how although a street is in a busy area of London, off a busy main street; it is actually very quiet (it would be expected to be busy if its off a main street). Stevenson has even included duality in the weather. cool and a little damp, and full with premature twilight,still bright with sunset. This quote conveys duality to the reader since Jekylls courtyard is described at the beginning of the quote that it is cold and looks as though it is around the time frame of dusk. However, the later half of the quote explains, it is in fact still sunny (nearing sunset) and so in theory Jekylls courtyard should be quite light. A fog rolled over the city early part of the night was cloudless. This reveals duality because it shows how the night was cloudless, until the fog came in. the adjective rolled gives the impression that the fog came swiftly, rather than slowly. About nine in the morning number of degrees and hues of twilight dark like the back end of evening This quote conveys to the reader that whatever time of day it is in Soho, it still looks like its dark, like it is night. This quote shows the duality of the weather by giving the time of day and describing what it looked like. The fog described is more likely to be smog from the factories, since the novella is set in the Victorian times. However, it does cast an eerie effect on the image conjured in the readers mind, would have made them think something sinister was about to happen. There are many locked doors in Stevensons novella. This symbolises how secretive the story is, Utterson hypothetically being stopped solving the mystery of Jekyll and Hyde, by doors not able to be opened until another section of the mystery is found, and the actual looked doors that Jekyll shuts himself up behind. The narrative structure also shows duality since in the first seven chapters the narrative is third person. resumed the lawyer. This shows the third person narrative structure of The Last Night. However, the last two chapters are written in first person, Dr Lanyons Narrative is written by Lanyon from his point of view and tells of what he knows about Jekyll and Hyde, and explains the cause of his death. The last chapter is also in first person, however this is from the perspective of Dr Jekyll himself, who explains everything that had happened. I rose from my place These show duality because the first seven chapters, although written in third person, are all about Utterson and what he does to try and unravel the mystery between Jekyll and Hyde. They also show Uttersons thoughts and feelings. The chapters are all arranged to follow what happens to Utterson and the titles are all to do with what happens within the chapter itself (and give a clue to what the chapter is about). The last two are in the order they are because that way Lanyon doesnt repeat what the reader knows from reading Jekylls chapter, if they were the other way around. In this essay I have shown how Robert Louis Stevenson has presented the theme of duality in his novella Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I have achieved this by analysing the language of the text that describes the characters, weather, buildings and the narrative structure.

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The History of the Internet Essay -- Web Computers Technology Essays

The History of the Internet When one thinks of the internet, one may think of America Online, Yahoo!, or of Sandra Bullock being caught up in an espionage conspiracy. For me, it is a means of communication. A way to talk to some of my friends who live off in distant places such as Los Angeles, New Jersey, and the Philippines. The U.S. Defense Department originally had this intent in mind when they connected a computer network with various other radio and satellite networks.[1 Krol] They wanted a means of communicating within the U.S. military that could withstand partial outages, such a bomb attacks, and still function.[2 Krol] In this paper I will cover the internet’s experimental beginnings, the commercialization of this technology in the present, and what may be the future of the internet. Before I begin, allow me to define what is the internet, who governs it, and what is the financial impact of this technology. The internet is made up of all computer networks that use IP protocol, which operate to form a seamless network for their collective users.[3 Krol] This means that federal, commercial, and institutional networks all compose parts of the internet. This network is connected to each other by either telephone wires, cable lines, or satellite signals. These wires, lines, or signals are then pipelined from server computer to server computer until your host server transmits the electronic information into your computer. The governing body of the internet is the Internet Society (ISOC).[4 Krol] The Internet Society purpose, according to Ed Krol, is to â€Å"promote global information exchange through Internet technology†. Another governing body is the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).[5 Krol] This IAB board gove... ...United States government, now is a tool to facilitate the commerce of the United States economy. Without this technology, a growing economic presence in the United States wouldn’t have been created. The internet is definitely does have an impact on the history of the United States. Sources Cited Krol, E. "The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog." O'Reilly and Associates, 1992. Leiner, B.M., Cerf, V. G., Clark, D. D., Kahn, R. E., L. Kleinrock, D. C. Lynch, J. Postel, L. G. Roberts, and S. Wolff, A brief history of the Internet, Version 3.31, Aug. 4, 2000. Available at _ Zakon, Robert H'obbes, "Hobbes' Internet Timeline v8.1" Archive-location:

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Problems and Solutions with G4S

Every two years an Olympic host city led to a heated discussion in mainstream media and academic works. This paper aims to know and explore the overwhelming challenges and opportunities faced by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG), especially the security chaos that its security contractor company G4S PLC’s fail to provide all the staff promised. After analysis of the problem, this study will provide detailed information and some feasible strategies, completing with the critical evaluations of the merits and demerits of some solutions. 2. IntroductionThe London Organising Committee of Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is responsible for preparing and staging the London 2012 Games, which is based in Canary Wharf along with the Olympic Delivery Authority. Along with the coming games, several unpredictable problems come out into public view. It is obviously the biggest concern has always got to be a safe and secure game. As a result of this serious iss ue, the world’s largest security company, G4S, is contracted by London 2012 Locog to keep the games safe. This study aims at analyze the problems founded during the contract and examining the appropriate solutions and recommendations.This analysis will consist of eight sections, findings of the evidences and the methods. * First of all, the paper outlines the background of both LOCOG and G4S. * Secondly, the specific descriptions of the problems given above, which presents the troubles it has encountered from different perspectives in the past days. * Finally, reasonable solutions to the problems with some basic assessments. Although the excellent image given by London during these Olympics have already ensure they successfully underwent the challenges, in any case, recommendations will probably beneficial for both LOCOG and the host city in the long-term run. . Background to the problem 3. 1 Brief description of the problems It began with a scandal concerning security when t he contractor firm G4S, which had a ? 284m contract to provide as many as security guards but could not supply enough personnel, apologized for the mishandling of its contractual obligations regarding the Olympic events. Furthermore, the G4S boss Nick Buckles said he regretted ever taking on the Olympic security contract, which was described as a â€Å"humiliating shambles†. In this case, it led to a further 3,500 troops being employed and among 17,000 troops are involved in helping keep the Olympics safe.Meanwhile a further 1,200 military personnel are on standby. 3. 2 Details about the relevant company and organisation ‘We will deliver the best possible Olympic and Paralympic Games experience for everyone involved, ensuring a real legacy and inspiring people to join in and truly make these ‘’everyone’s Games’’’ (LOCOG, 2012) . ‘With operations in more than 125 countries and 657,000 employees, we specialize in outsourced b usiness processes and facilities in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat.In more ways than you might realise, G4s is securing your world’ (G4S, 2012). 3. 3 Reasons to explore the problem G4S claim it was a tight schedule and deploying security for the Games is a complex business, but, for such a successful experienced security company with huge contracts around the world, why has their recruitment process so badly failed? Furthermore, in terms of the organisers LOCOG, whether public utilities could be handed over to profit-driven private enterprise? 4. Analysis of the issue 4. 1 G4S’s recruitment and management ‘chaos’ Securing Your World’ is G4S’s maxim (G4S, 2012). However, it seems that the world’s largest security company failed at this time, especially regarding its own world. Although G4S started on the recruitment of management personnel as soon as it took over the order at the end of 2010, t he on-site security guards began to recruit until the beginning of the year (BBC, 2012). The recruitment drive hit the headlines for using a variety of online, printed and outdoor medias, thereby, G4S had made a successful attraction campaign which received more than 100,000 applications (MPs, 2012).They adopted a Just in Time (JIT) management model, which means not to do recruitment until the last moment, thus to avoid the redundant management cost and to deliver maximize efficiency. G4S hired college students and foreign nationals in low reward which was ? 8. 5 per hour compared with the legal minimum hourly wage was ? 6. 19 (BBC, 2012). The recruitment process seemed to be such a complex and unprecedented contract with required so many training, vetting and accredited personnel. Many people then realized it was a serious undertaking.Besides, the labour contract of the successful candidates was only a temporary contract during the Olympic Games, which the wages were pay by actual working day. What’s more, there was no salary during the training and the employees need to pay the uniform fee. The problem is not do G4S unable to recruit enough staffs, even those who are being hired, G4Sl still cannot guarantee the final attendance. Many employees who have completed training and contracted to work for G4S, were not being deployed. According to the recruiters’ experience in G4S, many of them had received no schedules, uniforms or training on x-ray machines.Meanwhile, they had been allocated to venues hundreds of miles from where they lived (BBC, 2012). 4. 2 Contract ‘chaos’ G4S originally signed a contract with LOCOG in 2010 to provide 2,000 security guards and the number raise to 10,400 in December 2011 with the contract now worth ? 284 million (BBC, 2012). The change in the number of personnel required by LOCOG along with the complex procedures required to be done by the applicants are key to understanding the failure of G4S’s matter. This let no time for even a giant private company such as G4S to provide sufficient number by around 400% increased.What's more, the government has agreed to the JTL approach that the security workforce would be in training until the last moment, which was supposed to reduce the security budget (BBC, 2012). A report published by Public Accounts Committee which is responsible for evaluating whether if government spending provides value for money, detailed that it was very concerned about the request for increased by LOCOG and warned that the Olympic budgets get overspend, it also raised concerns about its management of those funds (PAC, 2012).There exists a failure in contract negotiation of further workers between the supplier ‘G4S’ and the consumer ‘LOCOG’. The status has been stated (BBC, 2012) as this is standard practice for any company, which the practice of delayed hiring however will struggle to cope when the contract requirements change in c lose proximity to the event. However, Lord Coe (2012) has promised a ‘safe and secure Games’ despite the failure of G4S. He also insisted that ‘the right and appropriate thing to do is to put the challenge in proportion and to work together to ensure sufficient security guards’. Description and evaluation of some solutions 5. 3 Aims of the solutions In order to ensure the best performance in Olympic Games, several possible suggestions are provided to be reference. The private security in industry is large, fast-growing, and global, in the meantime, it is also perplexed by high turnover and poor training, so that the role of G4S function during the Olympics need to be well formulated and under supervision. 5. 4 As for G4S 5. 5. 1 To admit the possible problems within relative short time.G4S seemed to use the brinkmanship tactics as it didn’t admit their problems until a fortnight before the opening ceremony. Earlier research (Henderson, 1967) demonstr ated that brinkmanship in business is pushing a negotiation to the point of nearly killing a deal in order to achieve the most favorable terms when that deal is finally agreed upon. Brinkmanship often produces a negotiator’s great successes, but it can result in the worst mistakes, which exactly did by G4S, therefor must be used carefully.A risk management (defined in ISO 31000) or at least a risk assessment can be carried out, to mitigate risks under Brinkmanship strategy. Developing an effective Risk Management Plan (RMP) is an important part of any project. RMP is one of the nine knowledge areas defined in PMBOK (PMI, 2008). Firstly, a special risk management team is need to be establish, which may include employees from departments such as audit, information systems, finance and human resources. Secondly, perform a critical risk analysis which should identify, asses and measure the likelihood of an impact that event would have during period of contract.Thirdly, develop pr oper risk strategies, including risk transfer, insurance, retention, loss control, and avoiding risky activities. Also, the strategies program needs to be monitored closely, as all changes will be made keeping in mind the practical aspects of the program. Fourthly, implement a good employee training program. It is noticed that G4S has a really poor employee management which has drawn much attentions from public. There is no substitute for trained, knowledgeable personnel in a disaster.Therefore, RMP helps minimizing losses and reduces the negative effects of risks. However, it is only effective if both the company G4S and the staff act on the findings. It is important for company to follow through with any actions required and review the assessment on a regular basis. Also it faces difficulty in allocating resources and determining the rate of occurrence since statistical information is not available on all kinds of past incidents. 5. 5. 2 The poor operations management needs to be improved.One of the major methods is to improve the internal system, which is reported (BBC, 2012) by the Independent to be the root cause, had not delivered accurate management information back up to senior planners about the true state of recruitment, as a result in a barrier between outsource and services provider. It is quite unreasonable that such a big company has not established a completed internal system. Methods such as establishing a system of incident reporting, performing root cause analysis, defining intended results and establishing performance measures can be taken into practice.Nevertheless, whether an organization achieves operational and strategic objectives may depend on factors outside the enterprise, such as technological innovation which is outside the scope of internal system. Therefore, effective internal system cannot guarantee the achievement of the goals. Suitable staff recruitment and training programs are necessary to be instituted as it can provide war ning of deficiencies and allow chance to rectify the matter. The recruitment process and staff performance should be based on objective criteria assessment.Starting a complete and orderly interview process early and offer the certain training required 3-4 months before the date on people who are still available, therefore at least keep in contact with them so you know if they are available or not. 5. 5 As for LOCOG Cooperation and negotiations are of essential required during the contract period. The failure of the Olympic contract undertakes together by both sides. There is a need for constant directly communication and re-negotiate etween the LOCOG and G4S at high level to check on the existing contract and the progress. Effective contract monitoring can be apply to probably solve the situation. ‘When a public body purchases a service for vulnerable adults from an independent provider, the public body has moral and legal accountability for the duty of care and quality of the service. No matter how far the contract may try to locate legal responsibilities solely with the provider, the purchaser has responsibilities for what does and does not happen.Efficient and effective contract monitoring enables public bodies to fulfill and be comfortable with such responsibilities. ’ (Doug, 2006) Appropriate actions include inspecting and documenting results, making recommendations, providing technical assistance and training, advocating for programs, staff or inmates, and reviewing and preparing documentation. The monitor is also in the position of providing continuous feedback both to and from the Contractor and the Department.It does not direct operations of the Facility, but is more in the observer or the consultant role. 6. Conclusion To sum up, this study has examined the reasons why G4S failed from the contract with LOCOG by analyzing G4S’s recruitment and management chaos and the contract chaos. Meanwhile, the study has put forward several spe cific solutions to each problem, in which a RMP should be used to lower the risk, staff recruitment and training programs should be applied along with an effective contract monitoring. 7. RecommendationsA recommendation is made that the since the company seemed to brinkmanship strategy, a risk management plan therefore should be applied to reducing the potential risks It is proposed that the company needs to pay attentions to its operations management, including recruitment management and training programs, using technique such as risk management plan and just-in-time model to improve the performance of management. It would be helpful for both G4S and LOCOG to maintain a closely relationship which may be established by constant communication, or a special contract monitor. . Reference LOCOG, 2012. What is LOCOG responsible for? [online] Available at: ; http://www. london2012. com/about-us/the-people-delivering-the-games/locog/; [Accessed 20 August 2012]. G4S, 2012. Who we are. [onli ne] Available at: ; http://www. g4s. com/en/Who%20we%20are/; [Accessed 20 August 2012]. BBC, 2012. G4S profile. BBC, [online]17 July. Available at: ; http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/business-18868406; [Accessed 20 August 2012]. Public Accounts Committee, 2012, Committee reports on preparations for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.London: The house of Commons. Robert, B. , Nick, H. , 2012. Olympic security chaos: depth of G4S security crisis revealed, theguardian, [online]13 July. Available at: ; http://www. guardian. co. uk/sport/2012/jul/12/london-2012-g4s-security-crisis; [Accessed 20 August 2012]. Henderson, B. D. , 1967. Brinkmanship in Business. Chester: The Boston Consulting Group. Project Management Institute, 2012. PMI Risk Management Professional. [online] Available at: http://www. pmi. org/certification/pmi-risk-management-professional-pmi-rmp. aspx; Accessed 24 August 2012] James, B. , 2012. Olympic task G4S’s problems were in training and vetting candidates, not in the original recruitment campaign. People Management, August Issue, p. 9. Care Services Improvement Partnership, 2006. Improving performance through effective contract monitoring. [pdf]. Available at: ; http://www. puttingpeoplefirst. org. uk/_library/Resources/BetterCommissioning/BetterCommissioning_advice/Chap10DGosling. pdf; [Accessed 22 August 2012]. Hannon, C. , 2012. Lessons from the G4S Olympic recruitment disaster.

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Mental Illness A Mental Disorder - 1463 Words

You’re walking down the street, passing hundreds of people as you go. Do you ever stop and think that every single person walking past you has their own story and their own daily struggles? Even the person next to you may have something about themselves that they have never told anyone. A statistic from the National Institute of Mental Health, or NIMH, stated that in 2010 7.4% of the population had some sort of mental or behavioral disorder. This means that around 510,600,000 people suffered from some form of mental or behavioral disorder in 2010 alone. Now, with all this information we must first ask, what is a mental illness? The definition given by the National Alliance of Mental Illness, or NAMI, states that â€Å"A mental illness is a condition that impacts a person’s thinking, feeling, or mood and may affect his or her ability to relate to others and function on a daily basis.† Many psychological disorders are developed through genetics and are passed through genes. A person with parents who had or have a mental illness are more susceptible to develop some form of psychological disorder than those without. Within the brain, certain chemicals called neurotransmitters are off balanced and don’t let the messages to the brain get through correctly as to help perform healthy daily thoughts or functions. Sometimes trauma from abuse or neglect can trigger a psychological disorder. Stressors in an environment can also add to the cause of a trigger for mental illnesses. The reasonsShow MoreRelatedMental Illness : A Mental Disorder1033 Words   |  5 Pageswith a mental illness? A mental i llness can be caused by a substance abuse, a hereditary problem, and injuries or defects related to the brain. Having a mental illness gives sensations and thoughts as if one were insane and in need of an asylum. Living with a mental illness is difficult because people tend to feel alone in the world. It truly is a sad and desperate feeling. Sometimes, it even seems to be the worst feeling in the world. Anxious feelings, or anxiety disorders, are a type of mental illnessesRead MoreMental Illness And Mental Disorders Essay2211 Words   |  9 PagesIt not easy to determine how many people suffer from mental illness. This is due to the changing definitions of mental illness and problems classifying, diagnosing, and reporting mental disorders. There are social stigmas attached to mental illness, such as being labeled crazy, being treated as a danger to others, and being denied jobs or health insurance coverage. These negative connotations keep many sufferers from seeking help, and many of those in treatment do not reveal it on surveys. SomeRead MoreMental Illness And Mental Disorders826 Words   |  4 PagesMental illness; the term has increasingly become mainstream, as seen on the television, newspapers, and twitter. Shortly after the fatal shooting of a new screw in Virginia the word got around that the gunman had shown symptoms of a mental condition. A mental disorder is prolonged dysfunction in thoughts behavior and/or emotions that significantly deviates from common human behavior. During his life This individual was never diagnosed of this condition however after analysis of the terrible shootingRead MoreMental Illness Of Mental Health Disorders1590 Words   |  7 Pagesbeen gathered on mental illnesses and their prevalence. Before around the 1980’s though, the evidence that was gathered on mental illnesses was too inconsistent to be credible. In a survey conducted by the World Health Organization’s department of World Mental Health, data wa s gathered on the prevalence of mental health disorders in 14 countries around the world. The results of these surveys conclude that mental health disorders are more prevalent than any other chronic illness. The author of theRead MoreMental Disorders: Causes of Mental Illness1297 Words   |  5 Pageshow is it triggered? What does anxiety do to the body and what can it lead to? How can it be coped with or treated? This paper will thoroughly discuss the answers to these questions in a manner that is easy to digest. First, anxiety is a mental disorder that is plaguing not only the United States, but the entire earth. It can be defined as a vague uneasy feeling of discomfort, dread, or apprehension caused by anticipation of danger. These feelings are also accompanied by an autonomic responseRead MoreBipolar Disorder : A Mental Illness802 Words   |  4 PagesBipolar disorder is known to be a mental illness. A mental illness can be described as a number of things. When talking about bipolar disorder being a mental illness it is described as lacking certain area in the brain. There are two stages of bipolar disorders, Type one and Type two. Type one is more severe than type two. Bipolar disorders began approximately around in the nineteenth century. Bipolar disorder was founded and introduced by both Jean-Pierre Falret a French psychiatrist and Emil KraepeinRead MoreEating Disorders are a Mental Illness1431 Words   |  6 Pages  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Eating disorders are m ental illnesses that involve an obsession with food, extremely unhealthy eating behaviors and a distorted body image. They are complicated, serious disorders. The group that eating disorders affects the most are typically girls through the ages of sixteen and twenty years old. Although teenage eating disorders are typically believed to be caused by depression or genetic factors, social media has worsened the problem by the huge increase in peer pressure girls endureRead MoreBipolar Disorder And Mental Illness2097 Words   |  9 PagesBipolar disorder, also called manic depression, is a systemic disorder that affects a person both mentally and physically. While talking about diseases and disorders may be hard for some, it is vital that we do in order to have an understanding of them. Bipolar disorder affects so many people in the world that it is highly likely that you probably know someone suffering from it. It is a disorder that we are still making discoveries about each and every day, and will continue to do so in order to satisfyRead MoreIs Schizoaffective Disorder A Mental Illness?1786 Words   |  8 PagesA Schizoaffective disorder is a mental illness. The symptoms of this illness include having strange or unusual thoughts or perceptions, paranoid thoughts and ideas, delusion (i.e. having false, fixed beliefs), hallucination, such as hearing voices, and experience disorganized thinking (i.e. unclear and confused thoughts). They may have manic episodes or a sudden increase in energy and behavioural displays that are out of character. They may become irritable and have poor temper control, and evenRead MoreIs Schizophrenia A Disorder Of Mental Illness?809 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal Narrative: Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a disorder of mental illness. Another way to describe this disorder is to lost the touch with reality. Schizophrenia is less common than any other mental disorder; therefore, treatments can be different. This disease is likely to occur between age of 16 to 30, or may develops in children if problem occurs during the birth. In that regard, a person with the schizophrenia suffers six months or a month or less, if proper treatments given. One of the